Installation & Repair

Roofing Installation of brickwork and masonry is best left to professionals, although some very ambitious DIY fans enjoy doing it themselves. Most masonry consists of layers of bricks or stones with layers of mortar between them. The bricks are often staggered to increase the structural integrity of the wall.

A more complicated approach is called dry set masonry, in which the use of mortar is negligible or eliminated completely. The friction between the individual units can often provide enough strength to keep the structure sound, and sometime small grooves or teeth are cut into the units to help them better lock in place.

Masonry is susceptible to the weathering of the elements, like frost damage, which can promote swelling, contracting, and cracking. The qualified team at R2 Construction Inc. has years of experience installing and repairing brickwork, stonework, and other types of masonry, so before you start any project, talk to the experts who can get you started the right way!

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