Brick, Masonry & Stone

Roofing Another important part of many construction projects is the inclusion of brick, masonry, or stonework. Masonry means the construction of any structure by connecting smaller building units with mortar. In so many words, that means a brick wall.

Masonry has many different applications for homes and businesses, and once again, the options are wide and variable, so consultation with professionals like us at R2 Construction Inc. is always a good first step. Brickwork and stonework can be used to creatively change the architecture of your property, by adding a walled off garden, a multi-level backyard, a dividing wall between property lines, or even a durable and stylish mailbox. Masonry is an ancient, yet reliable, technique to create long lasting, well-protected structures.

Depending on the size of the project, you may be interested in normal brickwork or larger and more durable concrete blocks. You can decide on the size, color, and smoothness of the bricks, as well as the patterns of brick-laying that you prefer. Another advantage to brickwork is that you don’t have to paint it, which decreases the life cycle costs. All of your questions about size, style, color, and inquiries about specific custom projects can be answered by the experts at R2 Construction Inc. in Joshua, TX.

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