Custom Texturing

Roofing After sheetrock has been installed, some home and business owners want to add to the aesthetic appeal of their walls and ceilings. Custom texturing is a way of transforming plain walls into dynamic and decorative additions to any space.

Venetian plaster is a type of coating that can be added to sheetrock in order to give it a glossy surface, or a matte finish. Venetian plaster is made of plaster and marble dust, and is applied in multiple, thin layers that, when applied properly, create the illusion of depth and texture. It gives a rock-hard, marble-like quality to the sheetrock, because actual marble installation would be too difficult for the space, or too expensive.

Hand troweling, which is part of the process for applying Venetian plaster, can also be used to create unique designs and textures on walls or ceilings. Some people like this versatility and participation in the creative process of their project, and many great styles and moods can be created through various shapes, application techniques, or vinyl decal designs.

Texture matching is an important skill if there is ever any damage to your drywall. Once the damage is repaired, the blank spot on the wall must be built back up to the same level, and blended back into the design or the texturing matching the rest of the wall. This level of precision can be difficult for an amateur. The specialists at R2 Construction Inc. can assist you with all of your custom texturing, as well as concerns about existing sheetrock that may need to be repaired.

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