Tile flooring

Roofing Another popular choice for many homes and buildings is wood flooring, because of its’ durability and restorability. Wood flooring, as the name implies, is flooring which uses timber as its main component, and a wide variety of wood types are available as flooring. Different types of wood have varying colors and grain textures that can add to the aesthetic appearance of a room or can complement an existing decorative style.

Installing wood floors is a bit more complicated than installing ceramic tiles, and there are different techniques for various types of wood flooring. Solid hardwood floors are floors made from a single piece of timber, and they were originally used for their structural support when laid across perpendicular beams or rafters below the floor. However, with the advent of concrete subfloors, solid wood flooring is now used primarily for aesthetic purposes.

The more common style is engineered wood floors, which consist of at least two layers of wood, with the two layers running at 90 degree angles to one another, increasing the strength and support, and also allowing engineered wood floors to be installed on all types of subfloors, whether they are below, above, or on grade (On grade means at ground level, above and below are respectively above or below ground level).

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