Installation & Repairs

Roofing One of the biggest advantages of sheetrock over traditional materials is the speed in which it can be installed. Experienced workers can install sheetrock in an entire house in a day or two, and even amateur carpenters or DIY lovers can handle the task. The sheetrock panel is measured and cut to the size of the wall, then attached to the wall structure with glue or nails, although sheetrock screws have become the norm in recent years. Different size screws are required for different types of wall structure (steel frames, wood frames, etc.) Any marks, damaged areas, or seams between the panels of sheetrock are covered with joint tape or filled in with putty, allowed to dry, then sanded down before the wall can be painted. Sheetrock is susceptible to damage, whether through moisture or physical damage. If the sheetrock is not waterproofed, then water can cause the sheetrock to swell, shrink, and then disintegrate. Mold can also form on the paper layers of sheetrock, although the plaster does not support mold growth. This sort of damage to sheetrock should be repaired by a professional. R2 Construction Inc. can assess the damage and repair your sheetrock quickly, before additional harm is done to your home.

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