Roofing Choosing a fence for your property can be overwhelming, simply because of the variety of fencing options out there. Fences are primarily used to enclose or section off certain areas on property lines, but there are countless different ways to do that. Some people want fences to provide security or privacy, while others simply want a boundary for pets or children. Fences can be as simple as wooden posts with lumber crossbeams or extremely decorative with intricate metalwork and aesthetic designs.

The function and purpose of your future fence needs to be clear before choosing one of the many options. Do you want a high fence for privacy or a lower fence so you can clearly see out of your yard? Do you want to protect against animals getting in or pets getting out? Is the fence going to be highly visible or hidden from public view? These and many other considerations should be thought about before moving forward in your project. The friendly and professional carpenters and tradesmen of R2 Construction Inc. can help you plan, design, and build a high-quality, long-lasting fence that will satisfy all your needs.

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