Faux Finishes

Roofing Many people want to take their basic painted surface to the next level of style and quality with custom painting like faux finishes or custom glazes. These techniques can add a depth and complexity to the painted surface that really completes the decorative style.

Faux painting is the name for a number of decorative techniques that can be applied as a finish on top of a painted surface. A few of the examples which R2 Construction Inc. is able to offer you are:

• Graining – the painted surface can resemble the grain of wood paneling.
• Fresco – the surface has a mottled color and textured elements
• Marbleizing – the painted surface has the reflective qualities and appearance of marble.
• Ragging/Sponge Painting – Different textural patterns or shapes in random or custom designs can be applied to the painted surface.

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