Composition Roofing

Roofing Similar to metal roofing, composite roofs are lightweight alternatives that can mimic the appearance of traditional roofs made of slate or shingles. Composite roofs are typically combinations of multiple roofing materials. This mixture allows for some composite roofs to be custom designed to withstand things like UV degradation, or the development of moss and algae.

In terms of cost, composite roofs are in the same range of traditional roofing choices, but their durability is what sets them apart. Many composite roofs come with 50-year warranties, and some of the higher-end options are guaranteed for life.

There is no need for maintenance on composite roofs either, considering they are not susceptible to cracking, blistering, or peeling, like other roofing options. Before choosing a composite roof style, some consideration the climate, humidity, and UV exposure of the area because composite roofs can be customized with various materials to best deal with those types of conditions.

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